Miley Cyrus Now Looks Like Your Middle School Crush

Miley Cyrus Bowl Cut

Miley Cyrus got a bowl cut — and now she looks like the guy you swore you'd marry back in 1993.

Miley Cyrus is switching up her style yet again, and this time it's sort of cute. You know, if you were a teenage boy in 1997.

We don't think '90s teen heartthrob is what she was going for with her new bowl haircut, but that's what we're seeing. And we bet you can't unsee her uncanny resemblances to these throwback hotties:

Devon Sawa
Devon Sawa was famous for his bowl cut and his adorable tooth gap When his star faded, he became famous again for a few hours when he starred as Stan in Eminem's "Stan" video. And then again later when he got arrested for allegedly beating up his then-girlfriend. Hot. Or, you know, whatever the opposite of that is.
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Fellow blond bowl cut enthusiast Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) was famous for his mane in shows like Home Improvement, as well as his lack of a mane in The Lion King as young Simba Now he's known for being 5'5" and not much else. Is this what you want, Miley? It's cool, it's what I wanted when I was nine.
Nick Carter
Nick Carter brought the bowl cut to The Backstreet Boys Then he just smoked bowls with Paris Hilton, later blaming her for his downward spiral into drugs and drinking. My eighth grade best friend who was obsessed with him dodged a bullet.
Chris Klein
Remember when Chris Klein looked like this? Katie Holmes did, and that may have been what made a rumored marriage contract with Tom Cruise seem appealing We're glad she's spending time alone with herself now.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Before he was The Wolf Of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio was Romeo And Arnie Grape, which is what Miley Cyrus reminds me of when she tries to twerk.
Brad Renfro
Something tells us Miley Cyrus isn't aiming for the dark, brooding look Brad Renfro had with his bowl cut But if angry Hannah Montana fans' parents are to be believed, she may be aiming for his tragic fate and untimely end.
Moe Howard
Oh please, like I'm the only person who had this in my locker