7 Naughty Holiday Traditions To Try (That He'll Love)

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Stress? There's no time for that. After all, 'tis the season to be jolly, right? Getting yourself in the holiday spirit is all part of the merriment. You already do this getting dolled up for a lineup of holiday parties: the glam dress, the glitzy jewelry, the heartbreaker heels and gorgeous, luscious locks.

But now it's time to spread a little bit of that cheer with someone you love. We suggest a cozy, holiday-themed date night at home... with a naughty, sexy twist.

To put you in the mood, we're giving naughty makeovers to seven wholesome holiday traditions to help you not just face but embrace the season with your special someone. Here are the best sexy holiday ideas to set the tone and entice your partner from that kiss under the mistletoe straight into the bedroom.

1. Deck the halls... in the nude.

'Tis the season for gift-wrapping, tree-trimming, and mantel decorating, but ditch those ugly knitted sweaters for your birthday suits! (Just make sure not to misplace the scissors!) Set the mood by decking out the living room all in the buff while listening to sexy holiday tunes ("Santa Baby" is always a sultry classic).

You'll be giggling as you festoon your home with green garlands and glitzy ornaments. If you really want to spice up your decorating, sneak a few adult adornments like this naughty gingerbread couple into the boughs of your tree.

2. Feed each other holiday treats.

Pour some sugar on me! While you're decorating a gingerbread house or baking a batch of sugar cookies, don't forget to save that leftover melted chocolate and coat fruit and candies that you'll feed to each other (and to coat other things).

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Not to mention, it's been proven that there's just something about the sweet, spiced smell of goodies baking in the oven that make men drool. So this idea will really roast his chestnuts... if you catch our drift.

3. Gift each other naughty stocking stuffers.

Looking for some sexy little stocking stuffer ideas? For him, try IOU "you know what" coupons, sex position cards or funny boxer shorts. For you, hint to him that you'd love a book of romantic poetry or massage candles.

And the ultimate stocking stuffer for you both? The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is the perfect toy to seduce each other and it's completely water-proof so you can take it into a steamy, hot bath!

4. Dress up.

When you were a kid, Santa was a jolly fat man who slid down the chimney. Now you get to be Santa... and he gets to unwrap his "present." This Christmas Eve, you could slip into this sexy Santa costume guaranteed to get you sleighed, but we think you should opt for a more glamorous, more sophisticated take on Kris Kringle.

Think red-hot lingerie. With flirty ruffles, Chantilly lace and chiffon bows, you will be the one gift under the tree he won't be able to resist peeking into early.

5. Check everything off your wish list.

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Maybe a little bit of both. So make a list and check it — twice! But we aren't talking cashmere sweaters and electronics, oh no.

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Both of you write out your deepest desires in naughty wish lists — and then make it happen! Maybe you want to do something crazy and run out in your backyard to have a naked snowball fight. Or maybe you want to share a relaxing soak in the hot tub and get a little frisky.

6. Film your own "holiday special."

Get all dolled up, plug in some strings of holiday lights and let the cameras roll. Get creative. You can roleplay and do things you normally wouldn't do without feeling inhibited.

It's a secret gift for the two of you, so don't worry so much about how look — just have fun with it! And if a seasonal sex tape isn't your cup of tea, why not a sexy calendar featuring you in your sexiest poises and lingerie?

7. Make a sexy countdown until Christmas.

Every day, for a dozen days, leave him speechless with a sexy new surprise. One day, pique his curiosity with a risque text message and then greet him at the door in a teensy, silky smooth teddy. The next? Treat him to an erotic massage for two complete with sensual oils and dimly-lit, sweetly scented candles.

The day after that? Who knows? You decide! The point is, he'll come rushing home through snow and sleet in anticipation of his next daily delight.

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