Weird News: Japanese Photog Invents The Awesomest Girlfriend

keisuke jinushi

When it comes to love and sex in Japan there are a few things westerners find a mite peculiar; love hotels (where little love takes place), used-panty vending machines, pillowcase girlfriends (James Franco's into it) and a seeming lack of interest in sexual intercourse from their young men. Not to mention pixelated genitalia in their pornography. Are they becoming robots? Probably not. But one Japanese man is out-pacing American in the manufactured girlfriend game.

Sure, American football player Manti Te'o's girlfriend fooled a nation, we've collectively been catfished ad nauseum and men for generations have been raving about highly apocryphal Canadian girlfriends. But a fella named Keisuke Jinushi has taken this phony baloney girlfriend business up a notch. Per a great interview with, Mr. Keisuke discusses how he trolled his Instagram followers with pictures taken from the point-of-view of a VERY attentive girlfriend. But it was all a ruse! Through the majesty of Photoshop, he concocted these fairly convincing photos of being fed, fawned over and, a personal favorite, drawn-on in his sleep from the perspective of his faux beloved. If you have 90 seconds, please check out his Instagram. Really good stuff.

The greater question is, journalism students, why? Mix one-part admiration for countless Instagram pics of happy, loving couples with one-part sheer boredom and there you have it: fake girlfriend photos. Mr. Keisuke goes on to describe a certain ennui, to use a 9th grade vocabulary word, regarding his singledom. Seemingly hearing phrases like "he seems happy" and "I hope you can get a real girlfriend" beat around the real problem affecting many young men in general and young Japanese men in particular. As cultural values change, it's a little tricky for some young fellas to make heads or tails of their interactions with women. I believe attempts have been made via video game to help socialize some of these guys but that seems like a really good way to get a guy to fall in love with his digital girlfriend in the same way a dude from Anywhere, USA may drop twelve grand on a cam girl.

At any rate, it'll be interesting to see what happens next for Mr. Keisuke. He's a handsome, creative dude, you'd think that it wouldn't be as tough out there for such a gentle soul.

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