14 Amazing Vintage Photo Booth Couples

Love: 14 Amazing Vintage Photo Booth Couples

Everyone loves a photo booth. From their creation in the late 1800s up to today, people love getting cozy in those little booths with that special someone. Check out these amazing vintage photos of couples in booths across the years.



Like these college students

A sailor and his girl in the s.

Or Elvis Presley and June Juanico goofing off in

This couple from the s.

JFK with future wife Jackie during their dating days

An elderly couple in the late s.

And this couple from

Two students in the s.

Gettin frisky

A couple from the s.

A young man and woman circa (anybody else think they look a little shifty?).

Young lovers from the s

A stylish pair in the s.

And what list would be complete without some adorable pooches smooching it up?