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Girl Crush: Why We Think Emily Ratajkowski Is Surprisingly Sexy

Surprisingly Sexy Photos Of Emily Ratajkowski From Blurred Lines

Emily Ratajkowski is getting a lot of attention this week. Well, actually she has been getting a lot of attention since she appeared in arguably the most scandalous video of the year (and perhaps the decade). I am, of course, talking about the masterpiece that was the "Blurred Lines" music video. Even if you don't recognize her name, you recognize her as that girl who starred in Robin Thicke's video. We got to see a whole lot of Emily in that one. Even she admitted she was "so naked."

Of course, that revelation didn't stop her from showing a ton of skin in a new big photo spread for GQ Magazine. Yes, she's straddling an ice cream in one of her pictures and we'll give it to her that she's totally gorgeous, but she's so much more than her appearance dancing alongside Robin Thicke. She was signed by Ford Models at age 14 and went on to model for Forever 21 and Nordstrom. She just landed a major ad campaign with Rag & Bone and a role in the highly anticipated film adaptation of Gone Girl. But until we see her theatrical prowess on the big screen, right now she's positively owning her modeling career — and we love her for it! Forget about Terry Richardson's photo shoot — we actually managed to find the model in some surprisingly sexy (aka more subtle) photo shoots.

I don't recall her smiling in the music video she should do it more often! Look at those pearly whites!


She looks absolutely angelic


She's a natural beauty! (Is she even wearing makeup?)


We love how she's not afraid to share intimate details of her private life, like in this quick Q&A!


You know the mixed pattern trend that's oh-so chic right now? The one that no one can really pull off? Emily does it effortlessly


None of my camping trips have ever looked this fabulous, but she's inspiring me to head for the outdoors (or at least, break out my cowboy booties)


She's like a cool, hippie chick in this photograph


Even in Emily's more conceptual shots, she exudes elegance


She can even look (dare we say it) innocent!


Ok, so her shorts a little shorter than the average boxer's, but she still looks pretty tough and sweating never looked this sexy!