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The 10 Hottest Wives In Baseball

The 10 Hottest Wives in Baseball

It's not an easy job, being an athlete's wife. But like their football counterparts, these ladies are more than just a pretty face. They are models, athletes, actresses, TV personalities, and so much more.



Misty May-Treanor
Husband: Matt Treanor, retired
Claim to fame: volleyball Olympian

Lisa Dergan
Husband: Scott Podsednik, Boston Red Sox
Claim to fame: Playboy Playmate and sportscaster

Jennie Finch
Husband: Casey Daigle, San Francisco Giants
Claim to fame: most famous softball player in the world

Shannon Schambeau
Husband: John Patterson, Washington Nationals
Claim to fame: beauty queen (former Miss District of Columbia)

Amber Marie Seyer
Husband: Barry Zito, San Francisco Giants
Claim to fame: beauty queen (former Miss Missouri)

Laura Cover
Husband: Aaron Boone, retired
Claim to fame: Playboy Playmate

Emily Kuchar
Husband: Zack Greinke, LA Dodgers
Claim to fame: former beauty queen and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

Lisa Guerrero
Husband: Scott Erickson, retired
Claim to fame: journalist, model and sportscaster

Joanna Garcia
Husband: Nick Swisher, Cleveland Indians
Claim to fame: actress

Stephenie LaGrossa
Husband: Kyle Kendrick, Philadelphia Phillies
Claim to fame: TV personality