Who's Your Daddy: Star Athletes And Their Baby-Making Stats

Who's Your Daddy: Star Athletes And Their Baby-Making Stats

Sports stars scoring on and off the field.

Athletes are, ideally, known for their triumphs on the field or in the ring. However, some are more infamously known for their multiplying ways. The sport itself seems to make no difference; we've got stars of football, basketball, boxing, even a coach, all with multiple babies by multiple mamas.



Oscar De La Hoya: The Golden Boy he may be, but that didn't stop the boxing champ from having five children, between his marriage to Millie Corretjer and previous relationships
Scott Skiles: a former basketballer and coach, Skiles has a confirmed six illegitimate children, though the number is possibly eight
Marshall Faulk: this Hall of Fame footballer didn't let a little thing like a professional career on two major teams slow him down He has six children between three women.
Kenny Anderson: Anderson has played for everyone from the New Jersey Nets to the LA Clippers, racking up seven kids by five different women as he went, both in and out of wedlock
Shawn Kemp: known as The Reign Man, this basketballer has at least seven children by six women, though the number is rumored to be closer to eleven kids by nine women
Mike Tyson: between three marriages and numerous dalliances, Iron Mike has eight kids by an unknown number of ladies
Vladimir Guerrero: this American League MVP has eight children between five different women
Muhammad Ali: They called him The Greatest for a reason, and I guess those skills translated to the ladies, because Ali had nine children between five women
Jason Caffey: even more impressive is Caffey, who has ten children between eight women
Evander Holyfield: putting all other to shame is Holyfield, who has eleven kids with eight women
Antonio Cromartie: I stand corrected Who could forget the footage of Cromartie struggling to list all of his twelve children by eight women across six states?