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5 V-Card Carrying Athletes

5 V-Card Carrying Athletes

Some athletes are known for being especially…friendly in the romance department. But there is a small group of athletes who are holding off, keeping a tight hold on their v-cards. From football to basketball, the common denominator is a determination to abstain until they are married. Who, you ask? Read on to find out.



Tim Tebow: perhaps the most famous virgin in the current sports world, Tebow confirmed at a press conference that he is indeed saving himself for marriage. Anybody think that's why he and Camilla Belle had a parting of the ways?

Lolo Jones: at years old, the Olympian has taken some flak for still being a virgin, but we think her quiet dedication is kind of sweet. She has called waiting for marriage even more difficult than training for the Olympics. What do you think?

Prince Amukamara: the New York Giants cornerback has vowed to remain a virgin until his wedding night, which is coming up The footballer is engaged to Pilar Davis, whom he met two years previously in a NYC night club. You have to admit, they make an awfully cute pair.

AC. Green: A.C. remained a virgin over a long basketball career spanning from 1985-2001. When teammates would send women to his room, he would respond by quoting scripture to them. A.C. married his wife Veronique in 2002, and they now run a youth charity promoting abstinence.

Philip Rivers: long suspected of being a virgin until marriage, Phillip and his wife (junior high school sweetheart Tiffany Rivers) are both big proponents of abstinence until marriage They've made up for lost time, having six children together since their 2001 wedding.