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10 Hilarious Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

10 Hilarious Costumes For Pregnant Women

Dressing up that baby bump can be hard when it comes to weddings, dates and work. But with Halloween, you can use it to your advantage. Go all out this year with any of these ten fabulous ideas. Forget those boring old stand-by maternity costumes; it's time to get creative.

A Last-Minute Bride: It's not too late! Become a blushing bride by tossing on a thrift store wedding gown (not your own, as you’ll probably have to make a cut to accommodate your belly), grab some flowers, and have a good time.

Juno: Nothing could be simpler. Just pull back your hair and start layering on clothes.

Pregnant Nun: Always a classic. Throw on a long black gown and fashion a habit out of white cloth. For bonus points, get your hubby to dress up as a priest.

Farmer: Overalls are always forgiving and comfy. If you really want to go for the gold, cut out a space for your bump and paint your belly like a pumpkin.

Basketball Player: Pull the same belly-painting trick for the farmer, but this time make your bump a basketball. Add shorts and a jersey, and game on, it’s time to trick or treat.

Beer-belly Bum: Try a little gender-bending with your significant other by throwing on his undershirt and jeans, a trucker cap and the facial hair of your choosing.

Skeleton: Iron on bone appliques for a ghostly effect. Go with just the shirt, or add black pants for the full look. If you know the sex of your baby, add a blue or pink bow!

Magic 8 Ball: All this costume requires is an iron-on applique or some fabric paint on a black shirt, and you are ready to party.

Kim Kardashian: Just throw on any too-tight dress and (assuming you have nerve damage in your feet) the highest heels you can safely maneuver in.>

Cow: You'll look cute as can be with your farmer by your side and white patches stitched to a black ensemble. For the udders, use baby bottle tops beneath fabric.