10 Totally Clever Halloween Costumes For Gay Couples

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Gay couple halloween costumes

If you are looking for the best Halloween costume ideas for gay couples, you have come to the right place! 

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, for one not so simple reason: costumes. (YAY!)

This gets even more complicated for couples who want to have cute, matching costumes. But it's not as hard as your thinking, you just have to get creative.

Just try to think of fun, creative costumes that you and your significant other can pull off. Some may cost you nothing, while others may cost a little more, but it's Halloween! Have fun with it.

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Get on Pinterest or Tumblr and start searching! And it's good to look at celebs for a little inspiration. Anyone from Neil Patrick Harris to Colton Haynes can get those creative juices flowing. 

When people think of gay couples dressing up together, they might thinks lots of sequins and glitter and cross-dressing. If that's your thing then great, do you boo.

But don't limit yourself. Be daring and pick something unexpected for you and your partner in crime. Whether it's sexy, scary, or both, find something that complements you both.

You are guaranteed not only have fun but also be the best dressed couple at every party you hit. 

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Our 10 favorite Halloween costume ideas for gay couples: 

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin gay halloween costume for couples

You can make your own costumes with some latex bodysuits and belts. 

Nintendo Lovers

Mario and Luigi halloween costume idea for gay couples

You could knock these costumes out with one trip to the thrift store. Get matching blue overalls, two t-shirts and matching caps.

Football "friends

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quarterback couple costume

This is the perfect DIY costume for a couple who loves sports. Grab a pair of plain jerseys and pick cute nicknames to put on each other's costumes.

To Die For Skeleton Couples Costume

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gay couple costumes

You can wear just about anything you want. But the fancier the better. Then grab some black and white face paint and get creative!

Sultry Vampires

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vampire gay couple costumes

Black on black on black. Throw in two pairs of fangs and some ultra-light face powder with bitch face and you're done.

Zoolander and Hansel

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Zoolander gay couple costume

It won't take much for you both to have really really ridiculously runway-ready costumes. 


Photo: Pinterest
Pokemon gay couple costumes

Hopefully these costumes won't get you caught! Yeah I went there ... anyways these are adorable and perfect for any Pokemon fans.

Flesh-Eating Lovers

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zombie gay couple costumes

Another easy and quick costume that involves old torn clothing and fake blood. Done and done.

Geek Love — Star Wars Style

gay couple Star Wars costume

The force will definitely be with you if you choose to wear these iconic costumes.

Disney Dreamboats

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gay couple Disney costumes

When all else fails, grab some tighty whiteys, mouse ears, a little or a lot of glitter, and go to town.