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7 Date-Night Looks Guys Love

Fashion: 7 Date-Night Looks Guys Love

Your go-to curve-hugging minidress or a relaxed jeans and tank? Which outfit does he really prefer? That "lucky" Saturday night-on-the-town dress might not be as much of a guy-magnet as you think.

We asked real guys what outfits they love. The overwhelming majority opted for casual and low-key over dressy and done-up. Trends are usually a turn-off and too-tight often comes across as trying too hard.

If you really want to turn up the heat on your next date, give your inner fashionista a rest and opt for a more minimal look.

Try these outfit ideas from real guys and make him flustered in a good way.

Skinny Jeans And Boots:
"The skinny jeans and riding boots look is a mix of preppy and sexy that I just love. It's perfect for fall and reminds me of college," Brad, 25.
Skinny jeans, $180
Riding Boots, $169

Macy's and

Macy's and

Crop Top And High-Waisted Skirt:
"I usually don't like when girls are too trendy, but I'm into the crop top look, especially when a girl wears it with a high-waist skirt. Its kind of cool and retro with just the right amount of sex appeal," says Ben, 30.

Skirt, $55
Crop top, $13.50

Lulus and Asos

Lulus and Asos

Polka Dot Anything
"I don't know what it is, but I'm a total sucker for polka dots on a skirt, shirt or dress. They are playful and flirty. I also feel like it's a confident girl who wears polka dots," Alex, 27

Dress, $17



Bell Bottoms
"I know those skinny leg jeans are in, but I love a girl in flares or bell bottoms. It reminds me of Mila Kunis from That 70s Show. I think bells are way more flattering than straight legs on most girls," says Chris, 28.

Bellbottoms, $70

Leather Pants And A Loose White Tee:
"There is nothing hotter than leather leggings/pants. Especially when she wears it with a simple loose tee or tank," Jeremy, 32

Leather Pants, $75
White shirt, $29.50 and and

Casual Sundress:
"The only date I can remember being impressed with what she was wearing was when she was wearing a simple sundress. Getting too done-up screams desperation," says Andrew 24.

Sundress, $98



White Pants And Wedges:
"Tight white pants and wedge sandals get me every time. There's something low-key but unbelievably sexy about the white pants/ wedge combo. Plus, it reminds me of summer," Todd, 26.

White jeans, $172
Wedges, $78 and and