6 Super-Romantic Labor Day Weekend Date Ideas For Fun Couples

Real couples dish on their romantic Labor Day weekend plans.

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Labor Day weekend is coming up and it's the perfect time to bond and re-kindle the fire with your partner.

We surveyed couples from all over the country to see how they would suggest spending this upcoming Labor Day weekend.

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The results made us totally jealous.

Here are 6 romantic Labor Day weekend date ideas for you and your significant other.

1. Book a spa day.

Dana and Jared of NYC said that one of their most romantic dates was when they booked a couple's massage at the Mineral Springs resort and spent the rest of the day enjoying drinks poolside on the roof deck. Dana's favorite part of the mini getaway?

"It felt like we were taking a mini-vacation without ever stepping on a plane!"

2. Plan a mini-honeymoon.

Newlyweds Maggie and Javier don’t have the office leeway to schedule their dream honeymoon yet, but that hasn't stopped them from relishing in their newlywed bliss. They recently took a sightseeing cruise.


"We're not doing a huge honeymoon yet, so we’re taking different day trips, and I have to say I enjoyed the cruise so much," said Maggie. "The upstairs outdoor seating was the best!"

Make sure you abide by quarantine guidelines if traveling out of the country.

3. Attend a music festival.

Alyse and Dave have found that their favorite weekend excursions always include attending a music festival.

"It's how we take a break from our hectic and busy lives and take an entire day (or weekend — depending on the festival) and just enjoy each other and the music we both love," said Alyse.

The couple was considering a trip to the three-day art festival called Bumbershoot in Seattle, Washington to enjoy some of their favorite artists. Of course, mid-pandemic, festivals may look a bit different this year. Please be conscious of others and practice social distancing when you can.


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4. Explore a new city together.

Sarah and Chris's favorite trip together was a long weekend in Chris's Missouri hometown, where they visited the famous St. Louis Gateway Arch and went on a Budweiser factory tour.

"It was awesome to have a date night somewhere out of our normal comfort zone," said Sarah. "Exploring a new city let us explore a new aspect of our relationship."

Some cities require masks to be worn outside, so do your research to know the guidelines before you explore.

5. Attend a ball game.

While eating ballpark franks and drinking draft beer out of plastic cups doesn't exactly scream romance, it's definitely a fun and authentic way to spend some time together, without all of the financial pressure that can accompany a weekend couple's trip.


6. Cozy up at a bed and breakfast.

Even though Rie and Terry live down the shore, one of their favorite weekend trips was spent at a bed and breakfast … just one town over!

"Even though we know the area, and could just as easily have eaten at the restaurants or browsed the shops in a day trip, we would usually be worrying about what the kids were doing for dinner, or if anyone would be home to let the dogs out," Rie said. "By making a weekend trip out of one of our favorite local places, we were able to just enjoy each other."

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