The 20 Best Gay Couples Costume Ideas For Halloween

LGBT gay couples halloween costume ideas

Halloween is a holiday where you get to show off your fun and creative spirit. Couples Halloween costumes can either be scary, sexy, creative or just plain cute. But no matter what you want people to remember what you wore! 

Picking out a costume can sometimes prove to be daunting, trying to be original and find something that will stand out is something everyone is trying to achieve.

Having a partner that will go along with the costume and help come up with ideas on Pinterest or in the store surely helps!

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With the two of you being a matching pair or a clever duo will definitely make your Halloween night one to remember.

I mean who doesn't want to be the costume everyone remembers that night? That's surely an achievement! 

With plenty of famous duos and pair ideas, there are a lot of options to choose from. But of course, you also want to find something that fits your personality as an LGBT couple.

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Maybe you want to try and impress everyone with the detail in your look. Maybe you want to get laughs and be the life of the party (who doesn't?!)

Or maybe you just want to dress up and be uninhibited and carefree for just ONE night. No shame in that EVER.

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Whatever you are looking for we've got you covered.

Here is a list of some of the best couples Halloween costume ideas — ranging from cute, simple and DIY to UBER sexy and steamy — for even the HOTTEST gay couples.

1. Go sexy AND sweet by dawning some Killa Bees costumes.

Original and sexy, this idea is sweet as honey.

2. Business on top. Party on the bottom. 

The party is here even, if it's only half the costume. Who needs pants anyway?

3. DIY some Spartan Warriors costumes and you can go just as partners, or make them for your whole squad.

There're more than 300 reasons why this costume is great.

4. Zoolander costumes are PERFECT. Especially if you're a blonde and a brunette. ADORBS.

You're going to be really really ridiculously good looking.  

5. There's nothing better than some Beer Buddies to start the party right.

You've already got the drinks, now just roll up to the party.

6. Sherlock Holmes and Watson make a classy couples costume set.

The mystery for the best costume is solved.

7. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are SUPER easy DIY costumes.

From under the sea to a friends party.

8. Go for store-bought costumes and be a Monkey and his Banana.

Fun and adorable! Or IS it??

9. You could be the Fairly Odd Parents!

It's cute, nostalgic and works for parents as a family costume!

10. Mickey Mouse costume doesn't take much, but sure does make a statement.

You know what they say big hands means... or wait. 

11. Prince Charming and his Prince — can you get any freaking cuter?

Everyone will be enchanted by this costume. 

12. Skeleton couples costumes are both sexy AND sophisticated.

Spooky right down to the bones.

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13. Can't get over this UP couples costume. AND a dog? Get out of here!

Creative and oh so cute!

14. Batman and Robin costumes are classic (and pretty easy). And still hot. Yep... still hot.

The dark knight parties on a dark night.

15. If you want to get hairy (if you're into that sorta thing), go for the Grinch and Dr. Seuss costumes.

Halloween in Who Town.

16. This Scream couples costume is hilarious for anyone who's seen all the movies.

Omg, the call is coming from inside the party! 

17. This Winnie the Pooh costumes is adorbs!

You can use your honey pot as a candy holder.

18. Super Mario Brothers just got a whole lot more sexy.

 From the video game to the party, this look is a hit.

19. This impressive Peter Pan and Captain Hook couples costume will win ANY contest.

Never never land never looked so good.

20. Loving this Avatar the Last Airbender couples costume.

Knock the wind out of everyone with this look.