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Exclusive! Is 'Property Brothers' Drew Scott Planning To Propose?

Love: Is 'Property Brothers' Drew Scott Planning To Propose?

‏‪Last Friday, we kicked off the weekend by hosting a Twitterview with HGTV's Property Hotties, Jonathan and Drew Scott

During our chat, Drew (drew us a picture!) opened up about his guilty pleasures, thoughts on proposing to his girlfriend, and confesses whether or not he's read Fifty Shades Of Grey.

If you missed the action, get up close and personal with this Brother Vs. Brother star in the recap below! 

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@YourTango‬: Okay, ‪@MrDrewScott‬, since you brought it up ... what's your beverage of choice? ‪
@MrDrewScott‬: Beverage of choice...laugh if you like. Water! I'm a health nut. Not a big drinker. I also love protein smoothies.

@1AndOnlyChrissy‬: You're cooking me a romantic dinner what would you make? No catering, Drew.
Maybe Grilled lime chicken skewers. And some chocolate fondue to cap off the evening;)

@Melissa_Clark99‬: ‪How do you both like Atlanta? Hiking or Swimming or both? Do you guys need a home cooked meal? :D
@MrDrewScott‬: Love Atlanta. I'm a fan of heat..even. I'm looking to hike next week. Suggestions?

‪@kris7ds‬: ‬what cologne is your favorite to wear?
I actually don't wear cologne. Natural male scent here! lol 

@Darlene_FBI77‬: Would you guys ever consider doing a animated movie, if giving the opportunity? ‪
@MrDrewScott‬: Totally! I worked on some projects prior to ‪@PropertyBrother‬ . I love bringing characters to life.

@lbaylor29‬: If you had to pick one song to be your "theme song" what would that song be & why?
@MrDrewScott‬: Depends on my mood!‬ Greatest American Hero ‪http://bit.ly/NqIZJ ‬ lol

@lbaylor29‬: What is the most romantic thing you have ever done in a relationship?
@MrDrewScott‬: hmmm. I brought out a gf's friends & family to surprise her since she wasn't able to get away from work.‬ Also flew halfway around the world for lunch and then flew back to work:)

@_Helen_K‬: You just got married, it's the first husband-wife dance what song do you dance to?
@MrDrewScott:‬http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1st_9KudWB0 ... Sleepwalk is one of the most beautiful songs out there.

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@lbaylor29‬: Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?
@MrDrewScott‬: lol..I may have read a few chapters;)

@Elizabeth1263‬: When are you and your girlfriend getting married?
@MrDrewScott‬: Not sure yet! But when you are with a woman as amazing as her...you don't wait too long;)

@CherylLMoody‬: What's one of your bad habits you would like to break?
@MrDrewScott‬: hmmm...being a workaholic. I love working but realize I CAN take some time for other things.

@canikat‬: What is your biggest turn on? 
@MrDrewScott‬: A Great sense of humor. So tell me a joke:)

@VavyanLarkin‬: Which romantic character you would like to play in a movie?
@MrDrewScott‬: I thought Noah Calhoun was very romantic...‬ Go ‪#Notebook‬!

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@BGnann‬:‬ Any plans for another interesting halloween costume?
@MrDrewScott‬: I do have a good one planned...Any guesses?

‪@kris7ds‬: now that we've seen you use tools on bvb will we now see you stop using excuses and help on property brothers?
@MrDrewScott‬: ha! I keep busy on the home searching side of things..‪@mrsilverscott can handle the reno's‬

@_Helen_K‬: Wedding suit or wedding kilt?
@MrDrewScott‬: That's an easy one.‬ Kilt all the way!

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@WoodTori‬: If you could travel anywhere in the US to film one of your shows, where would you go?
@MrDrewScott‬: I would love to spend more time in ‪#LA‬. But also more time at home in ‪#Vegas‬ would be awesome

‪@myradiva‬: What is your favorite karaoke song or songs?
Summer Nights! I sing ‪@olivianj‬ & Jonathan does ‪#JohnTravolta‬

‪@CherylLMoody‬: I'm sure fans send you lots of gifts. What do you do with all of it?
@MrDrewScott‬: We appreciate fans giving us gifts but..we ask instead of giving us something, give to a charity.

@MoonbeamCB‬: what's the best love advice you could give??
@MrDrewScott‬: To be brief, R-E-S-P-E-C-T :) I have a notebook of my favorite quotes on love.. Maybe another chat I'll share some!

@t14sgrl‬: What's the most important thing you find attractive in a woman?
@MrDrewScott‬: fun loving personality. The rest is just a bonus:)

@SHPikal‬: What's the best marketing tool for area stats?
@MrDrewScott‬: using a professional. Realtors do this day in and day out and can help analyse the stats for you.

@CarmenJ_Smith‬: What are your guilty pleasures?
@MrDrewScott‬: Sushi (maybe not that guilty)...pumpkin pie, patterned socks..and even watching Love Actually:)

@imlovingnouis‬: If you guys were superheroes, what would your catchphrases be? :))

@sunshine9391‬: have either of you ever broken a bone while renovating a house?‪‬
@MrDrewScott‬: I have not..but ‪@MrSilverScott‬ would say that's because I'm never there:)