Christian Grey Casting News: This Hot Guy Confirmed His Audition!

Christian Grey Casting News: This Hot Guy Confirmed His Audition!

Talk about off the radar! Until the title roles in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie are filled, the rumor mill will continue to swirl.

Take this week for example. We were happily minding our own business, daydreaming about Henry Cavill, Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake for the part of Mr. Grey, when three new speculations hit our RSS feed (yes, we have an RSS feed for this kind of news). 

While the hunt for the fittingly mysterious Christan continues to dominate the interwebs, earlier today The Wrap reported that 23-year-old Dakota Johnson—you may know her from Fox's short-lived comedy Ben & Kate or from her scene with JT in The Social Network—is a serious contender for the role of innocent Ana. Johnson is definitely the right age to play the fresh-out-of-college heroine, and outside of her sexy scene with Justin Timberlake she doesn't have any on-screen history with the other would-be Christian Greys.

And speaking of Christian there are two (!) pieces of gossip to digest. The first is relatively unknown model Bryce Thomspon confirmed to the Twitterverse Sunday that he is in the audition phase, saying "just at audition phases. Working on it."

Standing at 6'3" with brown hair and green eyes, he's a stone's throw off from the in-book description of the brooding character. Here's why we think he's actually a good fit for the role: After months upon months of heavy speculation, if producers do cast one of the many names thrown in the casting net, will he actually live up to our expectations? We wouldn't want the movie to fall flat because the leading man couldn't meet or exceed the hype. Talk about a major buzzkill.

Joining Thompson in this week's batch of Christian hopefuls is Charlie Hunnam, the hunky actor from Pacific Rim and Sons of Anarchy. According to The Twitch, he "has emerged as producers' prime target" for the role of Christian. An unnamed source regaling producers' intentions doesn't seem as solid as Thompson's tweet about being in the audition phase, but we're not going to rule him out yet.

So how many possible Christian Greys does that make? Ummm ... we lost count a while ago.


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