23 Reasons Ian Somerhalder Should Play Christian Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey: 23Reasons Ian Somerhalder Should Play Christian Grey

Last week a collective cry was heard 'round the world when a source overheard Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James tell folks at Comic Con that Ian Somerhalder would not be donning the silver tie and playing every woman's S&M fantasy, Christian Grey.

Take a deep breath, ladies. We know how hard it was to hear that.

But just as Ian tried to win the role through the power of social media, we're taking to the digisphere and making a case for why he should play Christian Grey. Take that one step further—why he's perfect as Christian Grey. 

So spread the word and add to these 23 reasons. Maybe we'll get E.L. James to change her mind!

He was the first actor to openly express interest in playing Christian Grey without hesitation.

Those smoldering good looks easily fit our Christian Grey fantasies.

He's not afraid to show a little skin (and it won't be so little on the big screen!).

And he'd look pretty damn good in those shower scenes, too.

Thanks to Twitter, he's already gained major support for the role through his extensive—and wildy passionate—fan base.

And even though it's rumored that he's no longer in the running, Ian's still the fan favorite.

He hinted during a 2012 interview that Fifty Shades of Grey might have inspired him to make his own red room.

Thanks to Damon, he's got the skill of seducing innocent young women down pat.

Christian always insisted Anastasia finish her food, and we wouldn't mind watching him chow down, too.

He looks hella cute kissing puppies—sorry, I got distracted.

His small screen fame on The Vampire Diaries and Lost will make his big screen debut easier for audiences to identify with.

He needs a reason to exit Vampire Diaries and get away from ex, Nina Dobrev.

He's closer in age (at 34) than any of the other actors being considered for Christian Grey, 27.

Ex Nina Dobrev gave Ian Fifty Shades of Grey. He should show off what he's learned—and what she's missing—as payback for their breakup.

Now that everyone thinks he won't play Christian Grey, it'd be the perfect Hollywood curveball to turn around and surprise the fans.

He somehow tied charitable efforts with Fifty Shades of Grey; who thought that was possible? Ian sent a signed copy of Fifty Shades to a fan who donated to his Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

Damon has the same hot/cold attitude about love and relationships that Christian Grey turns on and off throughout the book.

E.L. James should be held accountable for her teases—smiley faces and pics of Ian in masks eluded to his casting. We believed!

Though barely making a blip at the box offices, Ian played a bi-sexual in Rules of Attraction—a suitable foray into more sexual roles to come.

The man can rock a suit and tie like no other.

When it comes to on-screen romance, Henry Cavill (another strong Christian Grey hopeful) is lackluster in comparison to Damon's immortal sex drive. 

And hasn't Alexander Skarsgaard already had enough sex on True Blood

Lastly, Ian would probably throw an awesome party to celebrate getting the role. And invite the loyal fans who helped him get there?

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