Christian Grey Casting: 15 Reasons Robin Thicke Is Christian Grey

Christian Grey Casting: 15 Reasons Robin Thicke Is Christian Grey

Until official news breaks about the casting of one Christian Grey, you can find us over here daydreaming our picks for the hunky and mysterious leading man. 

While every attractive A-list Hollywood hottie, from superheroes to bloodsuckers, have made the speculation list, what about the one guy who hasn't shied away from getting nasty? While he's not an actor per se, after watching his video for "Blurred Lines", we can't help but notice Robin Thicke would actually be well cast in the titular role.

In fact, when you watch the music video, there are striking similarities between the singer-songwriter and the sexy billionaire. After all, he wants a good girl (like Ana Steele, maybe?), and he knows she wants it (spoiler alert: she totally does).

Take a look for yourself and join team Robin Thicke for Christian Grey.

He's already spent some time seducing beautiful brunettes:

And stripping them down to their panties:

His experience isn't limited to music videos; he's married to stunner Paula Patton:

He's sensitive at heart:

And he knows how to make a girl feel special:

He has experience playing the suave man—who can pay people to do things for him, like count his money:

And he looks mighty fine in a suit:

He can make anything look sexy, even taking a sip:

Women (and men) can't keep their hands off him:

His lyrics are basically straight out of the EL. James novel anyway:

Just like Christian, he doesn't like to be touched the wrong way:

And, whether he likes it or not, people want to be around him:

He knows we want to see him in the role Although, so did Ian Somerhalder and we know how that turned out …

Just like Christian, Robin likes to put his name on things:

And if we had to guess, the two probably have this in common as well: