Want To Know If You're Good In Bed? There's An App For That!

Spreadsheets, a new app, gives you a detailed overview of your sexual performance.

Sex: Spreadsheets App Let's You Know If You're Good In Bed

Remember when we told you how many people were using their smartphones during sex? Well, we may have found out what they were doing on their iPhones mid-roll in the hay: measuring their sexual performance.

Spreadsheets, a new app, does just that for you with the click of a button. Think of it like Sleep Cycle, the app that analyzes your sleep patterns, but for sex. Using your phone's built in accelerometer and microphone, it monitors everything from your speed and thrusts per minute to how loud you moan — turning your sex life into data, orgasm by orgasm.


Not getting it on enough? This app isn't afraid to let you know. There's a planner handy if you do need to schedule in some more sexytime — or even if you want to catalog a memorable bedroom experience. 

But the app isn't a total creeper, it won't record or playback your session, or post any of the data online.

And, if you needed another incentive to get busy, you'll actually get points for your active sex life. A morning delight gets you 10 points, but a Sunday sesh gets you 20. Who doesn't love some friendly competition?

If you do download the app, here's another reason to never lose your phone ... ever.


What do you think? Would you want an overview of your sexual performance? Tell us your thoughts below. 

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