Is Your Smartphone Addiction Ruining Your Sex Life?

Is Your Addiction To Your Smartphone Ruining Your Sex Life?

Ever feel naked or on the verge of a panic attack when you leave your phone at home?

It's no surprise we're deeply attached to our mobile devices, and a brand new study has some facts to back it up. A study from Harris Interactive and Jumio says 72 percent of Americans are within five feet of their smart­phones the majority of the time. Yep, that means your iPhone is your number one sidekick when you're in the shower, catching up on zzz's or laughing at the movies.

But it doesn't stop there. Your iPhone is barging into your love life now more than ever before. In fact, 12 percent of attached respon­dents said they believe their phone is getting in the way of their relationship. 

And rightly so. Nearly 33 percent of adults use their phones while on dinner dates, and get this, 20 percent of young adults use their mobile device not before, not after, but during sex. (Anyone else horrifed?) Talk about an instant mood-killer.

While, I do think using your phone on a date is rude, there are also plenty of other ways to get distracted when you're out to dinner. But during sex, it's just the two of you. No waiters, screaming babies or busy sidewalks. Using your phone during sex shows you're disconnected, and possibly have an addiction to Instagram. 

As Jesse Fink points out in Modern Dating Is Destroying Relationships, Says A Former 'Player' everyone today is "Distracted. Impatient. Dissatisfied." Wouldn't it be hard not to think these things about your partner as he's checking his Facebook notifications when you're in the heat of the moment? I know I'd be offended.  

Though, this 20 percent comes from adults ages 18-34. Older generations reported less multitasking in bed. Maybe these are just the types of habits formed in the digital era we're living in. If so, it's definitely time for a "can't talk, having sex" emoji.

Have you ever used your smartphone during sex? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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