National Orgasm Day: How Important Is Climaxing To You?

National Orgasm Day: How Important Is Climaxing To You?

Today is National Orgasm Day! In honor of all-things big O, we want to know how important climaxing is in your relationship.

Sex and being intimate with your partner is undoubtedly an important part of a romantic relationship, but it's not everything. And, sex can still be enjoyable without it. From stress to the effects of alcohol, there's plenty of reasons why you may not be climaxing with your partner as frequently as you'd like.

But where does getting off fall in determining how happy you are with your relationship?

For some, it's a definite dealbreaker. A recent study in England by found that 39 percent of people think the inability to orgasm with their partner would contribute to a break up. If you thought that was harsh, nearly 25 percent of men said frequent O's were more important than being in love! But women aren't too far off with putting the pressure on hitting the spot: one in five say having regular orgasms is more important than being head over heels, too.

So, now we turn to you. Tell us in the comments below: How important are orgasms in your relationship?

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