Adorable Love Tail: Lost Dog & Kitten Are Moving In Together

This is puppy love at its finest.

Love Story: Lost Dog & Kitten Are Moving In Together

It goes without saying, but we really do love a good love story. From the couple who's love legalized interracial marriage to those amazing acts of love we see even during tragedies, we live for these heartwarming stories.

And, these incredible stories aren't exclusive to humans. Animals also understand the importance of compassion — and they constantly remind us about the importance of selfless love.


Animal Control Officer Michelle Smith got to witness an animal love story up close during work in mid-May, when she climbed through bushes to rescue a yelling dog who was lost and hurt, reports WPTV. But the 5-year-old dog named Goldie, who seems to have been someone's pet, wasn't stranded in the ditch alone. The black-and-white Shih Tzu-mix had a tiny kitten snuggled up next to her, Kate. When Smith got closer she saw the dog was actually nursing the 5-month-old kitty who she had found and rescued.

The inseparable pair was taken to the Anderson County P.A.W.S.. But being in the shelter didn't stop the Goldie from caring for her best friend. There, the duo napped, ate and cuddled together. According to The Daily Mail, when they were bored, they passed the time by staring into each other's eyes. The South Carolina shelter looked for Goldie's owner but had no such luck.


But as of Tuesday, the two furry besties finally get their happy ending. They were just adopted by a foster family — together.

Congrats, Goldie and Kate!

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