7 Incredible Displays Of Love At The Boston Tragedy & Beyond

boston marathon bombings

Inspiring images that remind us how powerful love is.

Monday's Boston Marathon bombings killed three, injured about 180 and saddened people all over the world. Through the horrific events, we've also managed to see some amazing acts of love and kindness. From first responders to spectators, there has been no shortage of heroes stepping up.

People risked their lives to help one another, immediately offering comfort, support and even their homes to those in need.

While we often talk about love within romantic relationships, it's also crucial to remember how important and powerful love is for fellow human beings. From the Boston Marathon bombings to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, we've been inspired by how these communities came together during tough times. 

Below, we count down some of the most powerful, love-filled images from tragic events.

After a massive explosion at a fertilizer factory in West, Texas on Tuesday, Mackenzie Wernet, whose home was destroyed in the fire, and classmate Heather Perry embraced while honoring the victims.

ABC News

After a terrifying week, Bostonians came together for a vigil for victims of the finish-line bombings.

CBS News

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