There Are Erotic Zoos In Germany Where People Have Sex With Animals

Any zoophiles out there?

Into Sex With Animals? Head To Germany WeHeartIt

Move over, Japan and Thailand, there is a new leader going in the "weird sex stuff" clubhouse. To put it in SAT terms, Germany is to weird sex stuff what Florida is to weird news. Yeah, that odd. Per the Daily Mail, there is growing concern in Deutschland that bestiality is becoming a popular attraction in the nation's brothels.

While bestiality does go on worldwide (The Aristocrats!), we typically think of it as only being flaunted in warm places that find things like "rule of law" to be less credible than hedge magic and the powers of patron saints. But an animal-rights group believes that German brothels are picking up more and more man (or woman!) on mammal action. The story goes that an animal-rights person named Madeleine Martin claims that outlawing animal porn but keeping the real deal legal has led to a bit of a stampede to so-called erotic zoos. Fraulein Martin refers to the affliction as "lifestyle choice." No commentary necessary.


Bestiality in Germany was once-again allowed, I swear I'm not making this up, after 1969 and has a very small but vigorous fan club. While this seems like a tidy thing to just plop back on the books, a group of animal lovers calling themselves ZETA has threatened legal action for any parliamentary changes.

Sweden, home to some very reasonable people, IKEA and the corrupt world of dearly departed author Stieg Larrson, recently decided to draw a line in the sand regarding this issue. Per International Business Times, the Swedes have decided that enough is enough and have given their zoophiles until the end of the year to get any animal sex completely out of their system. Perhaps the Germans will take note.


Not to editorialize, but I'm mostly on Team Human. We are at the top of the food chain until sharks can fly and breathe air, but porking and eating pork are swine of different flesh altogether. I'm not taking a single trip to Germany until they square these shenanigans away.