3 Surprising Flirting Tips That Really Work (& Will Have Him Craving More)

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If you're single, flirting is one of the most important things to keep in your girly pink toolbox, and please don't stop flirting once he's become your boyfriend or husband. Flirting gets new relationships off to a great start and refreshes a 7-year-old relationship, making you feel like you just got off the boat from your honeymoon in Cancun. 

When you think of flirting, you might imagine someone like Hollywood super flirt Pamela Anderson. Her hourglass figure and flirty eyes could make almost any man turn to pudding. But you don't have to look like Pam to get a guy's attention — it's all about the attitude.

If you want to learn how to flirt with guys and be a pro at attracting men, read this.

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Here are some new, surprising flirting tips that really work to get (and keep) a man's attention — and as a bonus, most men have never even experienced them:

1. Wear bigger panties.

What is she crazy? Granny panties? No, that's not what I mean at all. But you're going to think I'm triple crazy, because this is a three-part doozie. The second part of the equation is to wear longer skirts, not shorter ones. What is this, Little House on the Prairie?

Note: I didn't say wear a long, bad floral print, unflattering skirt. It should snug — I say the tighter the better as long as you are still comfy. When you're wearing a body-skimming skirt there is no need for him to see pesky panty lines. And remember: even thongs create panty lines!

So invest in a few pairs of Spanx or similar long thigh slimming undies. This isn't for the slimming properties. These kinds of bloomers totally eliminate panty lines, and he'll wonder if you are going commando (this is an added bonus).

Now for part three of the surprising flirting tips that work saga, is to let him open the door for you. When you go out anywhere and you are approaching any door, deliberately slow down and let him open it. This is not only for chivalry purposes; it's also so you can make a grand entrance into your favorite sushi bar while he sees your panty-lines-no-more super smooth booty.

Don't forget to have good posture while you strut your stuff, and give him a quick glance to make sure he's watching the show.

2. When you're in public, play with yourself.

OK ladies, I know what you're thinking. It's time to get your mind out of the gutter and flirt with some saucy cat-woman style. When you're with a man, don't forget the usual flirting techniques like good eye contact and smiling. This is part of the perfect flirting recipe.

While you keep up the old standards one of the most effective flirting techniques is to play with yourself… above the table, not under it! If you have a pesky hair tickling your face don't just swat it off. Make you movements deliberate and slow. I promise your man will appreciate the movement of your hand across your cheek behind your ear and down the back of your neck. His eyes will be watching your lingering movements like a hawk.

When you touch yourself, imagine it's his hands and don't forget to give him that "come hither" look while you do it.

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3. If the date goes well, send him a picture of yourself naked.

The flirting doesn't need to stop after shimmery blue drinks at Bartini. I normally wouldn't suggest something like this, but this is another of the surprising flirting tips that really work. If you are dating online, don't wind up attracting the wrong men. Do it right with the right kind of profile.

You want him to think about you after he sees you, and he doesn't need a full nude selfie of you to make him remember how awesome you are. Don't get the wrong idea here ladies. This will be a fun game for him and you.

I want you to take a picture of some naked skin (preferably with candlelight). No breasts or anything else overly suggestive. How about the inner part of your elbow or your collarbone? Send him this sexy skin picture with the caption "guess which part this is?" It will have his mind reeling.

If you use these surprising flirting tips that really work while you are cool, calm and collected, it will drive any man crazy. He'll see you as a woman who is different — in a really good way. You will come off as confident and sexy, and it will lead you on the path to having EPIC Dating, Love and Relationships.

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