Je T'aime! 10 Ways To Say 'I Love You' In Another Language

i love you

In news that may or may not surprise you, a study found that Saturday nights at 10 pm is when people are most likely to say "I love you," to their significant others.

You have to admit this does make quite a bit of sense. You're in the middle of the weekend, Monday is still a day away, and Saturday night is usually known as "Date Night." And by the time 10 pm rolls around, you're probably knee-deep in both swooning and wine, so the L word is just dying to roll off your tongue.

If you're in love and you're using that oh-so special word, maybe you'd like to be able to say it in a few different languages. Wouldn't that be fun? Of course!

So settle in for a language lesson, and get ready to impress your love this Saturday night, at 10 pm, naturally.

1. French: Je t'aime.
Pronounced: Zhuh tem

2. Spanish: Te quiero.
Pronounced: Tay key-aero — roll that "R" sound!

3. Swedish: Jag älskar dig
Pronounced: Ya ellscar dey.

4. German: Ich liebe dich.
Pronounced: Ick leeba dick.

5. Italian: Ti amo.
Pronounced: Tee ah-mo.

6. Icelandic: Ég elska þig.
Pronounced: Jeg elska thig.

7. Portuguese: Eu te amo.
Pronounced: Eiu chee ahh-mo.

8. Japanese: Ai shiteru.
Pronounced: Eye she-te-ma-sue.

9. Gaelic: Tá grá agam duit.
Pronounced: Taw graw agum dit/ditch.

10. Pig Latin: Lyay ovelay ouyay.
Pronounced: L-A uv-A oo-A.