'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Sex Video: What's The Big Deal?

And in her latest stunt, Farrah was caught buying a pregnancy test. In heels.

Farrah Abraham's Sex Video

As of now, Farrah Abraham has appeared on Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, and countless radio shows to discuss her "personal and private sex video." And to be factually correct, this is a sex video (well, porn, but tomatos, tomahtos) that Farrah doesn't actually want anyone to talk to her about—at least according to a tweet she posted on May 6.

If there's one word for Farrah, it's hypocrite. If there are two words for Farrah: bad mother. It's disgusting she would even think it's a good idea to film this video, whether it was intended for her own private enjoyment or not. Her PR plan is so transparent, and yet, she still thinks she's fooling us. The insane amount of press she's received—which does not appear to be slowing down in the slightest—was part of her plan since she hired James Deen as her partner, ahem, costar.


And now, Farrah is actually laughing all the way to the bank.

The media is eating out of the palm of her filthy-rich, pedicured hand. Only in the U.S. can a teen mom go from getting knocked up at 17 to becoming a NY Times best-selling author. (Thanks, MTV.)

What terrifies me the most is how the entire world is feeding into this "news." Yes, I write about celebrities. Yes, I often see comments from Internet trolls asking, "Why is this news?" Yes, that is precisely how I feel about this.

Can't we ignore her? Won't she just go away then? (I get that by writing this column, I'm feeding into her PR machine as well. Isn't it ironic?)


But why does Entertainment Tonight feel the need to interview her about the video? Does Dr. Phil think he can talk some sense into her? It's a vicious, vicious cycle that the media feeds upon. These shows invite Farrah to be a guest to get a ratings boost for their programs. We, the audience, tune in to watch the "scandalous" interview, which is not scandalous at all. The producers just want you to think it is. So we tune in, and we learn absolutely nothing from her. She wins.

If we stopped tuning in, if we stopped watching teen moms get eff-ed in the ass, if we stopped giving this young girl a platform to stand upon when she makes a private sex tape, well, maybe she wouldn't have the idea to make a sex tape to begin with. Maybe then, she could focus on raising her young daughter and helping her grow into an educated, confident young woman who will respect her body rather than selling it for a quick buck. Okay, many bucks.

Stop the vicious cycle here.

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