Eye Candy: Flutter Your Way To Luscious Lashes

Eye Candy: Flutter Your Way to Luscious Lashes

Want to fiercely flirt without saying a word? Let the eyes be windows to your heart by framing them with long lashes.

Looking to increase your glamour-factor? It’s all about the lashes. This season’s false eyelashes give you something to bat an eye at. Follow our simple steps and prepare for the ultimate in flirty fun. First timers—your lunch break may not be the best time for eyelash application. It took one YourTango reader at least five times to get it right. So style your hair, focus on your falsies and get ready for gorgeous. Be careful with that glue though ladies … one slip can cause a serious lash malfunction.

Self-Adhesive Lashes

• Cleanse your eyes thoroughly. There should be no trace of eyeliner or mascara.
• Check their length of your false eyelashes. If you want a natural look trim the lashes with sharp scissors.
• Apply lashes as close as possible to the base of your own lash line.
• Press and hold the false lash between 5-7 seconds until they feel secure. You want the adhesive strip to stick and stay.
• Apply dark eyeliner over the false eyelash line and then follow with several coats of mascara.

False Eyelashes with Glue

• Again make sure your eyes are squeaky clean.
• Trim the lashes as needed.
• Apply a very thin line of glue along the base of the lashes. Let it sit for at least 10 seconds. Never put glue on your own eyelids—it may get in your eyes or glue your lids shut.
• Place lashes above your own eyelashes, (not on skin) as close to your natural eyelash line as possible. Continue to gently press, moving from the middle of your eye to the corner.
• Line your upper lashes with dark eyeliner (before or after applying lashes), curl both lashes with an eyelash curler and then top them off with mascara.

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Tips & Warnings

• Never sleep with false eyelashes. Use a warm compress or makeup remover to gently remove your falsies. Never pull false eyelashes from your lids.
• Soak your false eyelashes in eyelash-cleaning solution until your next night out on the town.