Love Bytes: 12 Things Men Just HATE

woman snooping

Plus, 15 things women don't want to hear from their fella.

There are some things that men DO not care for. One of them is certainly scrotal trauma but talking trash about your ex, co-workers or sister are way, way up there too. Tough Love's Steve Ward lays out 12 guy pet peeves to avoid. (eHarmony)

"Hey boo, that wasn't a regular rash"… and 15 other things women don't want to hear from their guy. (The Stir)

12 GIFs to illustrate (animate, really) why traveling solo frickin' rules. (The Frisky)

In order to get some sweet toes into his mouth, this man pretended to be a Boy Scout. (Huffington Post)

Son OF A B*TCH! New York's Fleet Week has been canceled, so urban cougars will have to go all the way to Virginia Beach if they want to hook up with a 19-year old sailor. (The Daily Beast)

Chivalry is alive and twerking … 4 good manners that these bros want to kick to the curb. (BroBible)

Beer in the shower now and again? What men really want from relationships. (Good Men Project)

14 actions that say "I love you" more than his words … one or two may still involve a tongue. (Madame Noire)

More GIFs! How to meet his family. (TresSugar)

Dating tips from the 20's … remember that NO ONE is saying bee's knees anymore, fella. (The Gloss)

Is there a way to delicately tells someone that he's terrible in bed? I suppose pretending to fall asleep during the act could be a start … (College Candy)

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