The Beginner's Guide To Sexploration

a sexy couple

One of the great things about being in a relationship is getting to relax and have more fun in bed. But if you've always had sex the same old way (missionary again?) — or you've never put your fantasies into words — it can be hard to imagine suddenly discussing your fantasies openly with your partner, no matter how solid your relationship. "Hey, honey, let's try some role playing. You call me Sookie, I'll call you Bill, and don't bite me until I tell you to." Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?

But think about it: If you can't express your private fantasies to the one person you're most intimate with, then who can you share them with? Sexploration — indulging your naughty side by acting your sexual fantasies together — is one the best (and most fun!) ways to bond with your partner. It requires trust and openness, of course — plus a healthy dose of adventure.

Still need some help working up the nerve to sexplore? Don't know where to start? Em & Lo, two of the web's leading sexperts & authors of 150 Shades of Play, say that, "there's nothing wrong with a little liquid courage." They suggest, "bringing it up over a nice bottle of wine while out at a romantic dinner or over cocktails in a dimly lit bar. And no need to actually use the term "role play" if that sounds too hardcore to you (or your partner). Just say you've had a long-time fantasy, something you've been dying to try in the bedroom, and you'd love to make it happen with your partner." Keep reading ...

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