Weird News: Tis The Season For Semen

very happy sperm

Plus some other things you probably don't know about sperm and semen.

Semen! With the possible exception of Bud Light, no fluid is as responsible for the propagation of the human species. Some of us think it's funny, some of us are grossed out by it and the lucky few of us cannot get enough of the sticky swimmers. Despite it's ubiquity (have you seriously ever taken a black light to a hotel room?), we're still finding out new and newer things out about the mother-of-pearl goo.

According to a study from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel suggests that our male gametes have been reading the Book Of Ecclesiastes. Per the study (check it at Yahoo!), sperm are at their healthiest during the winter and early spring months. Like a man prone to butt sweat, cool weather was most comfortable for the sperm in terms of count and motility (speed). While the numbers aren't terribly divergent, there is a statistical difference to being cooler than cool. Like their originators, sperm prefers to play it cool in general. The pregnancy paste can be stored roughly indefinitely with liquid nitrogen which tilts the thermometer at a balmy -321 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Speaking of all seasons, in the 500 intervening years since the beginning of the rule of Henry VIII, most of us are pretty aware that a child's gender is determined by the father's contribution to the equation (give or take a pH balance or two). That knowledge may have saved a few heads but per Shettles Method there is a difference between the X and Y swim teams. The story goes that, in a grim facsimile of human life, the male sperm are faster but the female sperm live longer. In fact, the reason why you can still sorta get pregnant during your monthly menstrual is that lady sperms can live up to 9 days in a hospitable environment or 3 hours on a toilet seat.

Semen plus toilet seat equals gross. Some people can't help but finding sperm gross. While most guys are "allergic to latex, babe," a number of women do get all itchy from man sauce. Per NY Daily News, roughly 20,000 to 40,000 have biological aversion to male genetic issue. No word on how much truth there is to the myth that sperm is great for a non-allergic woman's skin.

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