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5 Quotes That Pretty Much Sum Up The POTUS And FLOTUS Love

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First Lady Michelle Obama And President Barack Obama

For Michelle Obama, being the first lady means being married to the love of her life, Barack Obama.

Often times we look up to celebrity relationships (yes, we've all been guilty, at some point or another) but usually it's unrealistic and foolish to do so.

Why? Well, because we have no clue what's for show and what's for real with any couple who's in the limelight. (If you've watched Scandal, you know that a good publicist can make a bad marriage seem peachy keen.) 

However, I'd like to think that President Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama are the exception to the rule. They're the epitome of what a classy couple should look and feel like (feel as an energy, of course) — they bring nothing but positive vibes to our community through their love. So, in honor of one of our favorite famous couples we've put together a list of the best quotes that paint the true essence of their love. 


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