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5 Female Friendship Lessons I Learned From 'Bachelorette'

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September is International Womens' Friendship month, so it's fitting that the movie Bachelorette is out this month too. I went into the movie expecting a typical wedding rom-com about women who have perfect jobs and men, but instead I got a hilarious movie that finally depicted female friendships in a real way.

The movie is about four women who have been friends since high school all meeting up in New York City for one of their weddings. Rebel Wilson plays Becky, the bride, who gets picked on by the other girls because she's not exactly a sample size. On the eve of the wedding, the other three women (Regan, Katie and Gena) make fun of her by trying to a take a photo of two of them being able to fit into her wedding dress. That's when the dress rips and a whole night of hijinks ensues when the women try to fix it before Becky's wedding. During their wild night they not only taught me how to fix a dress in just a few hours, but some lessons about female friendships:

1. Your friends love you, but they probably still make snide remarks about you behind your back. 

The bridesmaids may have gotten themselves into a predicament by making fun of their plus-sized friend, but you can't be friends with someone since high school and never b*tch about them to your other friends. Being BFF means that you are best friends FOREVER, and no friends can go forever without getting on each other's nerves eventually. In the end, these girls corrected their mistake and Becky wore her dress down the aisle and looked gorgeous. 

2. Love your friends for who they are. 

The four friends in this movie all have very different personalitites. They range from Type A to Type Who Brings Cocaine On a Plane In A Baby Powder Container. Each one offers something unique to the friend group. For example, Regan (Kirsten Dunst) makes an awesome Maid of Honor because she's so controlling, while Katie (Isla Fisher) and Gena (Lizzy Caplan) bring the party. It's probably the same among your friends. Maybe one friend is great at listening to you when you have a problem, and another friend isn't so great at the listening part but can always make you laugh crying your eyes out.

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3. Let your friends get you a stripper.

When the girls hear that Becky wants a quiet night of champagne in a hotel suite for her bachelorette party, they aren't having it. Katie decides she's going to hire her friend Manny as a stripper. Everyone at the party looks awkward when he walks in, and he ends up leaving the party. However, at the end of the movie we learn that Katie was right: Becky did want that stripper there, and was upset when he left before he could even give her a full lap dance

4. Sometimes, it's okay to be jealous of your friends.

When Becky tells Regan that she's engaged, Regan is not happy for her at all. The first thing Regan does is call her other friends to complain that SHE was supposed to get married first. There's one point when the women go to a dress shop in the middle of the night to get Becky a new dress, and the only dress the shop has in Becky's size is the one Regan has wanted since she was a little girl. Katie and Gena beg Regan to just let them get the dress for Becky, but Regan refuses, saying she would rather lick a New York City sidewalk than have Becky wear her dream dress down the aisle.

5. F**k everyone.
When Becky and Regan are having a heart-to-heart, Becky asks Reagan if she remembers the advice Regan gave her in high school. The advice was "F**k everyone!" Who cares what people think? You just need to live your weird, crazy life and not give a s*it about anyone else (except your best friends).

Have you seen "Bachelorette" yet? What, if anything, did it teach you about female friendships?