So, How Can I Tell If My Sex Life Is Normal?

How often do you have sex? Do you ever worry that it isn't enough? The fact is that most couples have no idea how much sex is considered "normal," and many couples worry that their sex life isn't up to par.

In this instructional sex video, sex therapist, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Dr. Joe Kort explain that you shouldn't judge your sex life based on what the neighbors are doing. Rather, "you need to talk to your husband about what's right for the two of you." Kart jokes that maybe we should take advice about sex from lesbians. Lesbians do not count how often they have sex, they do not remember the last time they have had sex, how many orgasms they have, and they do not base sex on just penetration. This basically means that sex can be treated in a lot of different ways. It can be just cuddling, showering together or actual penetration. First you guys have to experiment and then discuss with what felt good and what did not. Doing this will give you the opportunity to get closer and amplify your sex life like never before.