I'm 38, Single & I Want Kids! What Should I Do?

If you've always wanted to have kids, getting older can be scary. Will you ever find a husband who will be a loving father to your children? The prospect of ending up childless feels more and more real every day. You may wonder whether you're setting your standards for men too high. Perhaps you should settle for someone who's "good enough" instead of Mr. Right.

In this video, dating coach, matchmaker and YourTango Expert Joe Amoia explains "this is a quesiton that many single women struggle with, especially as they get older." So, what should you do? Joe suggests considering your options carefully, and even writing them down. Sure, you could settle for a guy who isn't right for you. But do you really want to spend the rest of your life in a relationship where you're unhappy?

Want to learn more? Check out the video above.