5 Surprising Ways Your Job Influences Who You're Attracted To

labor day
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Just in time for Labor Day, a new survey from eHarmony reveals the impact career has on love.

Last year, we did a "Best And Worst Careers For Love" survey which highlighted, among other things, that the five worst careers when it comes to finding love are: journalism (ha), business ownership, healthcare, real estate and law. This isn't terribly surprising given the long hours of these careers, and how long it takes to ascend to the top in all of them. 

But according to a new survey from eHarmony, maybe if these work addicts went for the opposite type of profession when it came to scoping out a potential love interest, they'd be happier. In honor of Labor Day, the online dating site looked at communication trends between their users to find out how they were influenced by people's careers. It turns out that what you do for a living has a big influence on who you hit up online in your off-hours. Here are just a few of the tidbits they found: 

1. Female business executives have the highest rate of communication with men who are barbers or hair stylists. Wait ... really? I don't see those two professions dating in real life too much. Maybe the businesswomen need hairstyle advice?

2. Women who consider themselves "stay at home" have the highest rate of communication with men who are dentists. Seemingly random, but I'm sure there's something to it.

3. Unemployed men have the highest rate of communication with women who are personal trainers. Are the personal trainers supposed to get them off the couch and motivate them to find a job faster?


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