Friday Love Trivia: 5 Surprising Facts About Beauty & Self-Esteem

Friday Love Trivia yourtango

Play this week's Friday Love Trivia and answer questions about beauty.

Our Irresistible You (IY) initiative is well under way, with fun infographics, photo galleries with the latest hair and makeup trends, and even a Twitter party (join us on July 24!) But ... have you been paying attention? After all, the IY initiative is based on a survey of 717 YourTango readers — both men and women — who answered some pretty revealing questions about beauty, self-confidence and their love and sex lives. The survey results prove that feeling irresistible, inside and out, truly benefits your current (or a future) relationship.

Think you could guess how the survey results turned out? Play today's Love Trivia, and find out! Here's how the game works: Guess the answers in the comments. No peeking! Then see if you got the answer right by clicking on each "Love Fact." The facts all come from our super-awesome Love-O-Matic fact generator. Let's get started.

1. What percentage of women claim to have "high self-esteem"? Love Fact

2. What is most women's favorite body part on themselves? Love Fact

3. Do most people really tend to gain weight when they get into a new relationship? Love Fact & Love Fact 

4. Would most women change their appearance for their partner (even if they didn't agree with his criticism?) Love Fact

5. Do men find Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston more attractive? Love Fact

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