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Why Did Hugh Hefner Take Runaway Bride Crystal Harris Back?

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris back together

Is Hugh Hefner losing his memory? 

That's the only reason we can think of as to why he would want to get back together with Crystal Harris, the blonde 26-year-old who ran out on him last year just five days before their wedding. Crystal Harris Calls Off Her Wedding To Hugh Hefner

Last Friday, Harris confirmed that she is back at the Playboy mansion as Hef's main squeeze when she tweeted: "Yes @hughhefner and I are back together. Yes I am his #1 girl again. Yes we are happy. Hope that clears up any confusion! xo."

86-year-old Hef was hurt back in June 2011 when Harris called off their wedding and abruptly left the mansion. She explained at the time: "I got cold feet. Over time I just realised it wasn't for me, it was all happening so fast." Crystal Harris: Sex With Hef Is Lame And Lasts 'Two Seconds'

According to the Daily Mail, the two kept in touch to figure out who would get their beloved dog, Charlie. Hef even let Harris walk away with the engagement ring (a $90,000 3-carat stunner) and a Bentley. So, is she just back for more goodies now?

Her motives may be questionable, but then, so are his. A source tells Radar (via Daily Mail), "Crystal begged Hef to let her come back. He surprisingly doesn't have any hard feelings against her, so he let her move back into the mansion." 

Indeed, Hef tweeted last week: "Getting back together with Crystal Harris shouldn't be a big surprise, since I have a history of remaining close to former girlfriends."

That's funny, because as the Huffington Post points out, just a few months ago he was singing a completely different tune. "Quite frankly, I don't know what I was thinking about," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I think my natural state is single. I've tried marriage twice, not successfully. These were not the happiest times of my life."

A word of advice to a much older, experienced person: if it wasn't great the first time, don't expect much different the second time around! Then again, if you just want to have fun when you're 86 and over, who's to say who you choose do that with, right?

Tell us: why do you think Hef and Crystal are back together?

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