Crystal Harris Calls Off Her Wedding To Hugh Hefner

Crystal Harris Hugh Hefner

The Playboy founder and his much younger fiancée break up just days before their summer wedding!

What is their 60-year age difference? Or her rumored boyfriend on the side? Whatever the reason, playmate Crystal Harris found herself with some cold feet about marrying fiance Hugh Hefner and has reportedly decided to call off the wedding, mere days before it was supposed to take place!

It doesn't look like the two will be rescheduling their nuptials, either. According to People Magazine, Crystal's manager confirmed the breakup, saying: "I heard the sad news today this morning...The split was a mutual decision and the two remain good friends."

So, what went wrong between the couple that caused Crystal, who only weeks ago, was gushing about how the wedding plans were all on track, to practically dump Hef at the altar? Hugh Hefner Isn't 'Nervous At All' About Marrying Crystal Harris

Although Hef simply Tweeted that Crystal "had a change of heart," TMZ reports that the decision came after a "nasty arguement." (Over a last-minute prenup, possibly? Or Crystal's friend, Jordan McGraw?) Is Crystal Harris Already Cheating On Hugh Hefner?

Regardless, all of those guests who were looking forward to attending the wedding at the Playboy Mansion this weekend and seeing Hugh walk down the aisle for the third time will just have to make other plans! (Not to mention, get their bunny-themed presents back.)

One person who probably isn't disappointed? Hef's ex, Holly Madison. We imagine that she is probably raising a glass in toast to the cancellation of the wedding. Holly Madison Shares Her Hard Feelings About Hef's Engagement

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