Relationship Fail: Get Ready For Our Date In The Mud!

mud cowboy boots
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This Southern boy certainly knows the way into his girlfriend's cliché heart.

Now, we know things go down differently in the South than they do where we're based in NYC. There are plenty more cowboy boots, country boys and Kenny Chesney songs, which is all "fine and dandy" in our book.

But, for a gal who's not from around those parts, a date proposal that involves large quantities of mud does not sound like a fun, romantic way to spend a Friday night. Especially when it's phrased in the way this Southern boy put it to his girlfriend via text (which she then shared on Twitter).

Boots, whiskey and giving "the Chevy hell" ... if this isn't a cliché, we don't know what is! Relationship Fail: Are You Hotter Than My Wife?

At least this cowboy knows the way to his girlfriend's heart, but we hope he realizes this won't work on every other girl in town. A beer in a honky tonk bar would be just fine for us. 

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