Hope Solo: Confident & Ready For The London Olympics

The soccer star on her excitement for the Olympics and how she stays beautiful on and off the field.

Written on May 17, 2012

Hope Solo YourTango Exclusive

Yes, she's strikingly beautiful, but there's way more to Hope Solo than meets the eye. Nothing gets past her – not even soccer balls kicked by some of the world's best female athletes. Perhaps that's why this Team USA Goalkeeper is heading to the summer Olympics in London this year to compete for her third gold medal!


Last week, we caught up with Solo, 30, to find out how she's preparing for the games this summer and what she would say to her fans who want to have her sexy confidence. Watch the highlights from our exclusive interview in the video above, and read the rest below:

There are less than 80 days until the Summer Olympics. How are you feeling right now?
80 days is right around the corner and yet I feel like we still have so much work to do in that short amount of time! We go into training camp obviously gearing up – it's going to be double days, 6 hours a day on the field, weight training, fitness tests. The roster hasn't even been named yet, we're going down from a 21-man roster to an 18-man roster, so we're losing three players that were key for us during last summer's World Cup. So, there's still a lot to be done before we're in London. But I am excited!  5 Things The Olympics Teach Us About Love


I bet it's an exciting time, but also insanely busy. How do you stay looking so pretty and confident all the time after running up and down the field all day?
It's a very hectic lifestyle that I live with a lot of stresses. My skin has always been problematic, I have sensitive skin and I didn't know that. Here I am able to partner up with a skincare line called Simple that's dedicated to helping people with sensitive skin. I'm very excited about it ... for the first time I'm going to go to the Olympics looking good, feeling good and hopefully playing good as well. I hate to use a pun, but it truly is simple for me now and I feel the best I've ever felt.

With such a hectic lifestyle, do you ever find the time to date or is it more about spending your free time with your friends and family?
I make time for it all, and I don't know how I do it because I feel like I never have enough time for my friends and family, or any of my loved ones, I guess you could put it. I try to remain balanced and I can't be all soccer and "Go, go, go!" I need a social life, I need a life outside of soccer, so I very much welcome new love interests, dating, friends and family – it's all part of life.

If you do take home the gold this summer, how will you celebrate?
Oh, I am going to go on a very long, overdue vacation in the middle of nowhere with no TV, no phones, no internet!

Let's hope she gets that vacation and that precious medal this summer!


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