5 Things The Olympics Teach Us About Love

pairs figure skating
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Beyond feats of strength, speed and agility, the Olympics have a lot to teach us about love.

The torch has been passed, and the flame has been lit—the Olympic Games have officially begun. Beyond the usual feats of strength, speed and agility, the Olympics have a lot to teach us. For one thing, the games can show us what love is all about.

1) Love takes both effort and dedication
There's love, and then there's being in love. The latter is the sort that makes you blush when he looks at you, or feel woozy when his arm brushes yours. The former is the one that endures...even when you're not sure you feel it anymore, because you're so distracted by how much effort it can take not to strangle each other. Making a relationship work takes time, effort, dedication—something Olympic athletes understand. Take a hint from the Olympians and put in the elbow grease. What Do Pro Athletes Know About Marriage?

2) Love means sacrifice
It should come as no surprise that, in order to reach an optimal level of skill, most Olympic athletes make a ton of sacrifices. For example, some athletes don't attend high school, but instead pay a tutor to travel with them. Thankfully, love isn't quite that all-consuming, but some sacrifice is necessary. When it comes to dealing with "we" instead of "me," compromise is the name of the game. Instead of dragging him to a chick flick, check out a movie he might enjoy more, like Wolfman (try it; you might like it!). He, in turn, could sacrifice one afternoon of beer and basketball with the boys in favor of going to that new museum exhibit with you.

3) Teamwork is essential
Pairs figure skating. Curling. Events like these require team members to work together in order to achieve a mutual goal: victory. Even speed skaters and freestyle snowboarders rely on help from coaches, trainers and mentors in order to attain athletic success. Similarly, relationships are like ongoing figure skating routines (bear with us here). If one half of the couple lets go, there's a good chance the other will fall flat on their face. But if the two of you hang on, and remain focused on your mutual goal—lifelong love and happiness—you'll have a better chance of handling anything life happens to throw at you, and come out (mostly) unscathed. Life As An Olympic Couple