A-List Links: 50 Stars Who Totally Adore Their Moms

Ryan Gosling and his mom

Plus, James Bond is back and Will Ferrell punches a baby.

Who knew there were so many mama's boys in Hollywood? From Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds to ladies like Jennifer Lopez and Emma Stone, the mommy love is wild and rampant! Check out 50 of our favorite celebs and what they love about their mothers: (TresSugar)

The name is Bond: James Bond. Check out the utterly delicious Daniel Craig filming Skyfall in Turkey yesterday. Yes, that's him and his equally sexy stunt double in the action-packed video. (TooFab)

Too much, too soon? Kanye West has apparently written a song about MARRYING Kim Kardashian! Yikes, we know how that ends... (PopCrush)

Would Will Ferrell punch a baby? Yes, he would and did in the trailer for his new comedy with Zack Galifianakis called The Campaign. Watch it here: (ScreenCrush)

In a new interview, Eva Longoria explains she "really wanted to know why" her ex-husband Tony Parker cheated on her, and admits the experience made her doubt her sex appeal. It's the most honest interview we've read in awhile. (Latina)

George Clooney is a lucky man! He got President Obama to elaborate on his support of same-sex marriage at a fundraiser held at his L.A. home. (Uinterview)

This utterly sweet photo of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes holding hands in NYC yesterday makes us want to bow our heads and sob a little. "Why couldn't that be my hand? WHY?" (The Stir)

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