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This Just In: Why Women Love Your Dance Moves, Fellas!

guy dancing

In news that shouldn't be shocking to anyone, scientists have officially proven that women prefer men who can dance.

It seems that Kevin Bacon wasn't just the cool kid at his high school in Footloose because he's Kevin Bacon, rather he was cool because the man can MOVE.

The German scientists who discovered this fact (and let's be honest, the Germans know how to dance) asked 53 women to watch two videos at the same time. The first video featured what's considered a "good" dancer, while the other featured an "Elaine Benes"-style dancer. (Refresh your memory here. She was B-A-D.)

The verdict?

Scientists tracked the women's eye movements, and found that the ladies ogled the men with fancy foot work and didn't really pay attention to the guys without the right moves. After watching the videos, the ladies shared what they thought about each dancer. What did they decide? The guys who shook up the dance floor were "attractive" and "masculine." The same could not be said for the other group.

I mean, do you really think Elizabeth Bennet would have fallen for Mr. Darcy if he couldn't woo her on the dance floor? Back then, dancing was essential in the courting process! It goes to show that if you can at least move without doing the white man's overbite, then there's at least some hope for you and your gender as a whole.

Making an effort DOES get you some points though.

Although for some there is no point in even trying, as they have been born with two left feet. It should be noted that if you at least go out there and make an attempt, you're already more attractive than the killjoy in the corner of the room refusing to partake.

Sometimes making an *ss out of yourself is JUST as charming, if not more so, as the perks of being a wallflower.

So dance, my darlings, dance! 

Do you prefer men who can dance?