5 Craaaazy Things You NEVER Knew About Vibrators

Things You Need To Know About Vibrators

Some are called rabbits. Others? Elephants. There are plenty of words to describe the battery-powered pleasure centers that are tucked in bedside drawers everywhere, but they're best known as vibrators.

Every woman should have a vibrator handy, but sadly, such is not the case. Perhaps it's a lack of knowledge about the power — literally and figuratively — of these sex toys. To catch everyone up to speed, we've assembled five things that every woman needs to know about her should-be best friend.

1. Vibrators are good for you.


Sure, they help you orgasm without requiring the pesky presence of a male, but "good for you" also relates to health. Studies have shown that women who use vibrators are more likely to have had their annual gynecological exam than women who don't use them. So, essentially, as you're giving yourself the gift of clitoral stimulation, you're also more mindful of your vaginal health. That's a win-win in our book.

2. Dudes don't hate them.


Contrary to popular belief, vibrators don't intimidate men. Maybe not every guy will be showering his girlfriend with gift-wrapped Pink Elephants, but studies show that overall men are A-OK with women using vibrators. In fact, many agree they are a healthy part of a woman's sex life.

3. Having confidence in the power of your vibe can do wonders.

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In one research study, women who had positive beliefs regarding their vibrators — and had used them within the previous 30 days — reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction. That means more arousal and better orgasms.

4. They can get dirty.

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No, we aren't talking the kinky kind of dirty; we're talking the "need to be cleaned" kind. Think about where that vibrator has been and then think about the last time you gave it a good wipe down. Sorry if we're grossing you out, it's just the truth, ladies.

There is such a thing as sex toy cleaner, but for those of us not looking for high-end help, soap will do just fine. In general, just wet a cloth with warm, soapy water and wipe off your toy (just avoid the battery compartment and control area).

5. They have a shelf life.

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A nice, expensive vibrator will last you a good, long while — but not forever. The cheaper ones will last for about one year if used semi-regularly. And if a vibe is made with a jelly or rubber, it absolutely must be tossed after one year, no matter how much it cost.

Such materials harbor bacteria so keeping them longer than a year is bad news for lady parts. The good news is that more high-end vibrators often come with warranties, so if something breaks (perhaps from overuse?), replacement is possible.