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The Latest Stats On Cheating & Men's Favorite Sex Positions

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Did you know that 43 percent of men have had difficulty getting and/or maintaining an erection? Or that 34 percent of men in committed relationships have cheated on their current partner?

Esquire magazine recently conducted a survey of American men, ages 21-59, on why, where, and when they're having sex. Most shocking to me was the cheating statistic. One-third of men in committed relationships have cheated? Come on. Not only that, but 37 out of the 522 men surveyed have cheated on their partner with seven or more sexual partners.

Why are so many men cheating? Well, according to the survey, 43 percent of men rated their sex life a "5" or below on a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10, and 14 percent gave their sex lives a big whopping "1." 

Maybe their partners don't like being on top, since a full 30 percent of men prefer the "cowgirl" or girl-on-top position when having sex. Twenty-eight percent of men like to be on top themselves, and 26 percent like it doggy-style. Only 4 percent like side-to-side or spooning, which makes us very sad.

Have you ever been cheated on? What's your guy's favorite position?

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