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Should I Stay Married For The Sake Of My Kids?

If you're unhappily married but remaining married because of your kids, listen up! Staying together for the sake of raising children may not be such a great idea after all. I'm Exhausted! Why Can't I Sleep?

In this video, family/relationship therapist, bestselling author and YourTango Expert Dr. Bonnie Weil says that if your relationship is causing you more pain than pleasure, it's probably time to think about letting go. Leaving an unhappy marriage is not only best for the parents, it's actually best for the children as well.

"There is a study that ... shows that children who stay in an environment with hostile fighting and toxicity actually do worse than children where the parents divorced, so you never want to stay in a relationship that's an emotional divorce for the children," says Dr. Bonnie. Besides, she says, staying in an unhappy marriage breeds disrespect. Your kids will admire you for leaving an unhealthy situation.

Still unconvinced? Check out the video for more reasons why parents shouldn't simply stay married for the sake of the kids.