I'm Exhausted! Why Can't I Sleep?

Have you ever come home after a long, stressful day, desperately desiring a peaceful night's sleep, but when you put head to pillow, your brain just won't cooperate? Your mind races incessantly with thoughts of the day's pressures and anxieties, and even though you know you need it, you simply cannot sleep.

In this video, Family/Relationship Therapist, Best Selling Author and YourTango Expert Dr. Bonnie Weil offers advice about what to do when your brain interferes with your body's need to settle down. First, she says, "you're not alone." Take comfort knowing your experience is common. Next, you need to shake off your day. Rid yourself of daytime worries by reserving evening hours for bedtime rituals like listening to quiet music and reading novels — no violent television or local news! Also, she suggests going to bed at the same time each and every night.

Condition yourself to consider bedtime relaxing by asking the people you live with to help you out. Set ground rules: No, honey, we can't discuss taxes in bed, and No, sweetheart, I won't explain war to you after dinner. Save heavy topics for daytime or weekend hours ... times when sleep is less precious.

Whatever you do, don't sacrifice another night's slumber. Instead, check out the video for even more tips about how to regain control over your sleep schedule!