What Guys Think Links: Should You Cheat On A Cheater?

Plus, love tips from The Hunger Games.

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This week, we're going to start things a lil differently. We're gonna do a little pop culture, then a lil weird news and on into what dudes think about stuff.

In honor of the smash film hitting theaters today, The Gloss wants to know who your favorite The Hunger Games character is? Mine is Ted. Or Clark. Possibly Randi. I like them all.

Don Draper is a man of tastes and hungers. But, outside of a pair of legs, eyes and breasts, what does he really look for in a lady? TresSugar explores this and I suggest you catch the season premiere of Mad Men this Sunday.


Back in Betty Draper's salad days, the only way out of sex was to claim a headache, and thus a whole industry of nebulous pain relief was born. But a lady from New York didn't let a nearly paralyzing migraine prevent her from doing what she really wanted to do: get hitched. But since she really didn't enjoy the nuptials, she's taking a do-over. Yahoo News has the hows and whys.

And another woman had a little wedding day trouble. According to the Huffington Post, a woman from Merry Olde England was so worried about her lizard's cancer that she postponed her wedding to be with it while chemotherapy was administered. 1) I hope its name is Eddie Lizzard. 2) That's a pretty cold-blooded thing to do. 3) Something something bearded dragon.


Now for the outrage. According to Nerve, a young fella landed the prom date of his dreams: pornography actress Megan Piper. Unfortunately, the squares in administration at the high school denied her entrance to the event. Man, he got her a corsage and they were totally gonna do it. I would hope Principal Skinner would be more understanding.

If the prom is the most important day in a boy's life, his bachelor party is the most important day as a man. Bro Bible has 10 rules for the perfect bachelor party. It's exactly what you'd expect from a website called "Bro Bible." I suppose you can use many of these tips for a lady bachelor party too.

Something you probably shouldn't do during a bachelor party is buy sex and/ or sexual activities. But is using the sex trade wrong in every single instance? Ask Men has a real, live doctor give a surprising answer.

One reason not to buy sex is disease. Madame Noire wonders if cheating as revenge for being cheated on is okay or if it's just a recipe for an infection of completely unknown vector. More What Guys Think Links...


But what happens in a relationship when one person has wildly different sexual needs (talking frequency here) than the other? Is it okay to roam if you're not getting it at home? CollegeCandy asks their resident dude what to do if you are more sexual than your guy.

Then there is the denouement. Em & Lo question their man panel regarding what guys really want during their refractory period. For me, it depends. Most of the time, I like to go back to my seat while she goes back to serving drinks to the other passengers on the plane.

Saying goodbye is hard. Real hard. Which is why some people substitute "smell you later." John DeVore, writing for The Frisky, discusses why parting is such sour sorrow. Oh, it's also his farewell column.


Hurting someone's feelings is easy if you have no heart. Most of us have some semblance of empathy and avoid confrontation. But sometimes you have to tell someone you don't like him (or her!) that way or any other way. HowAboutWe has a fantastic guide to letting him (or her!) down easy.

We all think it would be great if we treated each other as completely equal in all things relationship-based. It's just wildly impractical. Like communism. Good Men Project discusses how letting your spouse be a little country while you're a little rock n roll is the key to a successful, content marriage.

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