Sandra Fluke Rejects Rush Limbaugh's Apology: What Do You Think?

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Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke, who testified for insured birth control, a slut and prostitute.

After researching both sides of the Sandra Fluke saga, I find it hard not to side with the courageous third-year law student, who testified on Capitol Hill on Feb. 23, advocating for birth control to be covered by insurance — and was subsequently inexplicably shamed by conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh for being a "prostitute" and "slut." Somehow, Limbaugh confounded being promiscuous with being sexually active at all, and said some horrible things in the process.

After seeing just how much women spend on birth control a year, I find it absurd that contraception is not covered by insurance. Also absurd are the reactions of media personalities who should really know better (but what can we expect?)

Rush Limbaugh is not the only culprit. Sorry to break it to you Bill O'Reilly, but comparing coverage on contraception with college football is like comparing apples with screwdrivers.

Although many look at contraceptive coverage as paying hard-earned money to fund casual sex, I beg to differ. Many women do not have the money to pay for birth control pills or even condoms, but engage in sexual activity to express their love and affection for their partner. With the fears of getting pregnant, women struggle to fork up the $15-$50 a month or $180-$600 a year birth control pills cost.

You might say, "Well, if you can't afford the protection, you're not mature enough to have sex," but that's naive.

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