Free Contraception: 1 Step Forward Or Fluke In Freedom?

Birth Control

Is complimentary birth control a step forward for women or a "Fluke" in female empowerment?

In a deliberately well articulated cry for women's equality, Sandra Fluke's plea before congress called for new legislature to cover the cost of birth control for women seeking contraception, as well as those suffering from medical conditions that benefit from its use. The Effects Of Limbaugh's Nasty Name-Calling

Her request set off a firestorm of criticism that led many commentators down the same old tried and true paths of disputing the relevance of sexual promiscuity, the double standard between perceptions of male and female sexual behavior, in addition to the disturbing existence of male bullying so detestably demonstrated by the one and only Rush Limbaugh

True to form, Rush selfishly rerouted the entire argument onto a pathetically predictable path saturated with indulgent sexual connotations that had virtually no connection to the crux of Sandra's case. Nonetheless, with so many experts and critics caught up in castigating the original round of criticism, are we missing the most crucial contradiction contained in Sandra's request? Is the call for complimentary birth control from a liberated, reproductive rights activist a step forward for women or a foul "Fluke" in female empowerment?

Instead of tirelessly treading in the seductive sea of insults and sexual rhetoric, let's break for shore before the tide of hyperbole washes away any opportunity to recognize the hidden costs that could arise from this new wave of thinking. The bigger concern is that Fluke is wanting us to keep the power of choice while shifting the financial responsibility associated with our choices onto others. Teaching Men How To Talk To Women

This is incredibly disempowering to us as women. Not only is it out of alignment with the pioneering spirit that comprises female empowerment, such a perspective undercuts the extraordinary achievements we've already accomplished.

Empowerment is about licensing and authorizing your efforts so you can increase your options, expand your horizons, and overcome limitations. Using your independence, specifically your ability to think and act for yourself, is one of your greatest tools in empowering you. Empowerment is also about personal accountability. When you ask for the right to make your own choices, you must walk your talk by taking responsibility for whatever is required to carry out those choices. The Bachelor Recycled: 3 Q's To Prevent Mis-Calculations

Sandra's argument suggests that despite not wanting women's health to take a back seat to bureaucracy, getting that same bureaucracy to cover our contraception costs translates into equality. How is that so? Over the years we have worked hard to increase our freedom of choice with regard to our bodies. There's nothing more empowering and loving as a woman than using your awareness to protect and care for your body.

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